Staying At My Boyfriend’s

Well sadly, spring break has come to an end. And you know what they say, time flies fast when you're having fun. Before the break, I was talking to my boyfriend about coming home for the week and he offered for me to stay at his place during the break. Excited, I couldn't decline! A... Continue Reading →


I Hate Myself.. Sometimes.

Tomorrow starts day 1. The dreadful day 1. The tummy cramps, the cravings, the mood swings, and of course, the blood. I know, I know, TMI, right? Yeah, I feel you. But there's something about my period I find I can make a blog post about, and this is my blog so you're just going... Continue Reading →

Understanding Your Significant Other

Being in a relationship isn't easy. It's not possible to jump into a relationship thinking that your significant other will be just like you, like everything you do, and be okay with everything you're okay with. You can't just jump into a relationship thinking that everything will be handed to you because, in all reality,... Continue Reading →

I’m SOOOO Grateful.

Hello fellow readers. I'm currently stranded on the island of Writers Block at the moment so I have been struggling to figure out what to write about lately, but again, as I have wrote about so many times before, I just wanted to shout my boyfriend out for being the most amazing, caring, and selfless... Continue Reading →

A Hypothetical Passing

A satire. I wish we had more time. I wish it didn't have to be this way... but sadly your lungs weren't strong enough for Vape Nation and it took a hold of your life like a bunny holding its carrot. You left me this morning without even a hug because of the fear of... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Monthaversaries?

Well, today is me and my boyfriend's 4 months. 'So what' right? Yeah, I never really thought much of 'monthaversaries' back when I was dating other guys. I did do a 'happy one month' thing for him, though. I got him a card and a sweater (which I now have, btw) as a way to... Continue Reading →

My Self Consciousness

There are so many girls out there that I envy who look so pretty when they're all natural. I'm not typically someone who has 'natural' confidence. What I mean by that is that occasionally when I'm trying to look good, I'll feel confident. However, I don't feel that confidence when it comes to being all natural. I... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day today! Like I probably posted in an earlier blog post, today was just a normal day for me, but mostly because my boyfriend and I live an hour apart and our schedules didn't line up very well today. So while I can't really post how Valentine's Day... Continue Reading →

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