Hear Me Out

Communication, as we've discussed many times before, is by far one of the most important factors in relationships. It helps couples understand each other in a way that's respectful and beneficial to the relationship, as well as understanding each other's boundaries. It's also important to be aware and understand each other's boundaries in order to... Continue Reading →



How often do you ask your significant other what they're doing? Do you constantly check up on them, or find the need to ask for proof that they're where they say they are? Well, you probably have trust issues. That, or maybe they've given you a reason for you to doubt them, giving you the... Continue Reading →

A Look Back

I was talking with my boyfriend today about how far we've come as a couple since last Christmas season, and boy, is it a big difference. We first met in the end of September, so we jumped right into all the holiday festivities that most couples experience together. However, by the holiday season, I was... Continue Reading →

The Past is the Past

Do you know how frustrating it is to argue about something multiple times? To have to mention it over and over and notice that it just isn't improving? That was a reoccurring issue I had with my ex, and we noticed that our relationship took a turn for the worst because it felt very one... Continue Reading →

The Calm within the Storm

The end of the semester is upon us, and the last remaining assignments are sneaking up on me. I've calculated about 17 assignments to complete in the next 3 weeks, and my brain is completely fried, I feel so stressed out. No wonder they said this semester was going to be the hardest one yet.... Continue Reading →

A Not so Merry Christmas

My heart and my wallet aren't in tune this holiday season. I had to quit my job this semester in order to focus and buckle down on school, and I needed to find a way to de-stress from the overload of lesson planning and classroom philosophies, so I decided to quit my job for the... Continue Reading →

Getting Comfortable

The beginning of a relationship looks different than a year down the road. However, different doesn't have to mean it's a bad thing. My boyfriend and I are at an all time high on the comfortable meter, like joking about poop, making unexpected sex jokes, and laying around with a towel in my hair with... Continue Reading →


He sat there while he stared at his phone, grinning slightly. Slightly, yet enough to expose the dimple on his left cheek that she loved so much. His smile was contagious. Every time she saw it, her lips always curled up into a smile as well, admiring him from afar. That smile, that very familiar... Continue Reading →

Happy Early Thanksgiving

There isn't a single day that passes where I don't think about the unfathomable amount of love I have for my boyfriend. Most days, it's just me thinking about the millions and millions of my favorite, fond memories I have shared with him. But some days, it's deeper thoughts that can, rarely yet occasionally, make... Continue Reading →

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