I Did It!

Hello there readers! I've missed all of you guys, but hopefully you've all been able to understand that senior year has been very stressful from student teaching full time plus studying for my certification exams that I haven't had much time or energy to post anything lately. Working with kids for 8 hours a day... Continue Reading →


I Can’t Stand Him.

I can't stand him. One and a half years now and it's still too hard to handle. Every single time I see him, I want to scream, and every single time he texts me, I want to throw my phone. He makes me completely and utterly speechless, and it truly makes my face heat up.... Continue Reading →

An Innocent Stare

She walked down each aisle looking for something new to buy. As much as she loved getting new outfits, she hated the stress that shopping comes with it, not to mention all the walking. Every shirt she wanted didn't have her size, and every pair of jeans she tried on just didn't fit perfectly on her short... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Wait!

My spring break has come to an end 😦 I'm laying in bed, unable to fall asleep because I have a small pit in the middle of my stomach. This always happens after the holidays because the hardest thing about going back to school is leaving my boyfriend during the weekdays. Being with him everyday... Continue Reading →

It Never Gets Old

Happy Friday, fellow readers. This week has been my spring break, so I've been spending the week with my handsome man. Of course, he has a full time career as a truck driver where he wakes up every morning at 3:30, so he's been having early nights. I, on the other hand, have been getting... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps

You know those movies where girls emerge from the water in slow motion with their head held upwards, running their hands through their hair as the water delicately drips down their face? I always imagined I looked like that when I fully submerge my head under water. But instead, I'm forced with the reality that... Continue Reading →

I’m Here

Hello there fellow readers out there! It's been about a month since my last post and I apologize, but that's only because it's my last semester of college and I have been super busy with my student teaching and studying for my certification exams that I haven't had as much time to blog as I... Continue Reading →

Do Relationships Change Over Time?

There's one thing I've been able to make a sure observation about with my relationship now compared to my previous one. In my previous relationship, I used to think that getting comfortable meant that the spark of the relationship was no longer there just because as time went on, the little things that we used... Continue Reading →


"You want to marry me one day?" I asked, shocked with butterflies in my tummy. "Of course I do." He responded, matter of factly. "I know you've said that to someone else before. What makes you so sure now?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows. "I was young back then. I didn't know what it was... Continue Reading →

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